Youth Research

Traditions fall apart. Young people's behaviour, consciousness and identity are in many ways different from those of previous generations. Now, a complex pattern of change sets its mark on educational institutions, democratic organisations and on the labour market.

Our objectives are to:

  • Decode these patterns and changes by initiating research with a focus on youth, and with young participants
  • Gather and coordinate the existing Danish youth research
  • Communicate youth research to a wider audience consisting of educational institutions, decision-makers, organisations and other interested parties
  • Document young people's attitudes, behaviour and conditions through statistic material.

The Centre for Youth Research (Cefu) presently works in five areas from primarily sociological, cultural anthropological, pedagogical and socio-psychological angles. The five areas of interest are: Youth and work, youth and education, youth and democracy, youth and marginalization, youth, health and lifestyle.

Have a say - Join the Association

The Centre for Youth Research Association comprises a series of institutions, organisations and companies. They represent a democratic cross-section of the Danish society and support The Centre for Youth Research. The members play an active part in prioritising our research activities; they discuss new initiatives and they are invited to a number of events illustrating the different problems and social situations of young people. The committee admits members to the association. If you are interested in hearing about how your institution, organisation or company could contribute to and join the association please contact us at cefu@learning.aau.dk.

Association Members

The Centre for Youth Research is supported by an exclusive number of selected institutions, organisations and enterprises. Through membership of The Centre for Youth Research they represent a democratic cross-section of the Danish society.

The members take part in prioritising the research activities, discussing new initiatives and they are involved in a number of arrangements that illustrate the situation and problems of young people.


The Centre for Youth Research collaborates with numerous public and private players focusing on youth culture. We value having a broad contact potential and we enjoy collaborating with young people, practitioners, and youth researchers.

  • We welcome inquiries and questions related to youth research and we assist with references and advice
  • We initiate both targeted studies and large-scale research projects
  • We conduct research for public and private institutions, organisations and companies interested in our line of research
  • We help start Ph.D.-scholarships
  • We give lectures and provide consultancy services
  • We host a youth research network
  • We welcome new members to The Centre for Youth Research Association


The centre is managed by Noemi Katznelson. In addition, there is a number of staff associated with the ongoing projects. You can find a list of our researchers here.


In January 2000, The Centre for Youth Research was established on the initiative of The Danish Youth Council and affiliated with Roskilde University. An association representing members from central institutions, organisations, and enterprises supports the centre. The association was established prior to the centre.

The Centre for Youth Research was partnered with Learning Lab Denmark at The Danish University of Education (DPU) in the summer of 2004, but as of September 2008 the centre became a part of The Institute of Pedagogy.

In the summer of 2013 The Centre for Youth Research moved to the Department of Learning and Philosophy at Aalborg University (AAU) to have even better conditions for continuing its work. AAU is a postgraduate university that conducts research and offers programs of study spanning the entire field of educational studies.

Kontakt forskere

Noemi Katznelson
Telefon: (+45) 2068 6680

Mette Stigaard Stenkjær
Telefon: (+45) 2029 4629

Center for Ungdomsforskning | cefu@learning.aau.dk | Tlf: (+45) 20 29 46 29 | A.C Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 København SV